Ash utilisation - impact of recent changes in power generation practices, CCC/176

Author(s): Ian Barnes

Ref: CCC/176
ISBN: 978-92-9029-496-2
Published Date: 01/11/2011
No. of Tables: 35
No. of Figures: 25
No. of Pages: 51


Whenever coal is burnt, ash is produced by the thermal transformation of the mineral matter present. Large-scale uses of coal, such as power generation, give rise to significant quantities of ash and a number of uses for this by-product have been developed over time.

During the last two decades a number of changes have occurred in the coal-fired power generation sector that have affected ashproduction, and trends for the future use of coal are likely to have a continuing impact on ash in respect of quality and quantity. These changes include: the increasingly common practice of cofiring coal with other non-coal fuels, especially biomass; modifications to coal-fired power generation plant to reduce emissions (in-boiler and post combustion); the development of morefuel-efficient and more operationally flexible boiler plant; and fundamental changes to the basic combustion process to prepare for carbon-capture technologies (for example oxyfuel combustion).

This report reviews the impact of these developments on ash production and ash properties, and the implications for the more important utilisation routes.

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