Chemical looping combustion of coal, CCC/178

Author(s): Colin Henderson

Ref: CCC/178
ISBN: 978-92-9029-498-6
Published Date: 01/12/2010
No. of Tables: 30
No. of Figures: 21
No. of Pages: 49


Chemical looping combustion is an indirect form of combustion in which an oxygen-containing solid material, typically a metal oxide, supplies the oxygen to a fuel, and the spent oxygen ‘carrier’ is separately regenerated by high temperature reaction in an air stream. As there is no direct contact between air and fuel, CO2 recovery up to very high levels is simplified. There is also potential for higher efficiency in delivery of energy than for conventional combustion or gasification with CO2 capture. More elaborate chemical looping systems are also a future possibility for hydrogen production. This report describes the ongoing laboratory work to develop and test oxygen carriers and describes the continuous process development units that are being used to establish the proof-of-concept. Power cycles that could use chemical looping are also described. The focus of the report is on coal and coal-derived syngas, but some work with natural gas is included. The technology on coal has reached the scale of 1 MWth in the form of a continuous plant in Germany, recently commissioned.

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