Future developments in IGCC, CCC/143

Author(s): Colin Henderson

Ref: CCC/143
ISBN: 978-92-9029-462-7
Published Date: 01/12/2008
No. of Tables: 5
No. of Figures: 14
No. of Pages: 45


IGCC (integrated combined cycle power generation) is one of the lowest emitting coal-fuelled generating technologies. It will also allow CO2 capture to be incorporated using conventional chemical plant. This report looks at the future direction of IGCC by reviewing developments in its component areas, which are:

  • gasification system;
  • gas cleaning system;
  • oxygen production;
  • gas turbine;
  • steam systems and steam turbine;
  • CO2 capture (systems not yet required but likely to be so soon).

Main areas of short-term activities are aimed at improving the cost and availability of IGCC on all coals, as well as increasing its performance and reducing its cost on lower quality coals. Medium- to longer-term developments are concerned with developing technologies that will ensure that IGCC can fulfil its promise of near-zero emissions.

The attention that is now being given to technological solutions to CO2 emissions from power plants will improve the prospects for IGCC and for IGCC with CO2 capture.

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