Meeting the demand for new coal-fired power plants, CCC/141

Author(s): Stephen Mills

Ref: CCC/141
ISBN: 978-92-9029-460-3
Published Date: 01/11/2008
No. of Tables: 24
No. of Figures: 23
No. of Pages: 66


The first section of the report looks at regional and national demands in terms of current and forecast electricity requirements and examines how increasing demand will be met (fossil fuels, nuclear, renewables). There is particular emphasis on coal-fired capacity, and wherever possible, the impact (both now and in the future) of clean coal technologies in each region is addressed. Where such systems are already deployed, their scale and effectiveness is described. Reference is made to the investments required to accommodate future increases in electricity demand. The second part of the report examines factors that are currently having an impact on the supply of coal-fired power plants with particular emphasis on advanced PCC systems (SC and USC), fluidised bed combustion systems, and gasification/IGCC plants.

The ability of major manufacturers to meet the rising demand for such equipment is assessed. Each is reviewed individually in terms of current and anticipated ordering patterns for coal-based generating plant, and their present and future manufacturing capacity. Commercial confidentiality considerations meant that some were unwilling to discuss such issues.

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