Prospects for coal and clean coal technologies in Malaysia, CCC/171

Author(s): Paul Baruya

Ref: CCC/171
ISBN: 978-92-9029-491-7
Published Date: 07/10/2010
No. of Tables: 4
No. of Figures: 14
No. of Pages: 38


Malaysia is a regular participant in world coal trade. Coal production is a modest 1 Mt/y but, as an importer, the country trades some 30 Mt/y. As one of ASEAN'S most prosperous economies, the expected growth in electricity demand is inevitable. For many years the country has been dependent on gas-fired power, much of which is in the form of expensive single cycle gas turbines. However, coal-fired power has emerged as an important provider of power in a country desperate to improve its energy security. This report looks at how coal-fired power has developed, and examines the current technologies deployed in the country. It is the fourth in a series of reports by the IEA Clean Coal Centre on ASEAN countries, following Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

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