Upgrading and efficiency improvement in coal-fired power plants, CCC/221

Author(s): Colin Henderson

Ref: CCC/221
ISBN: 978-92-9029-541-9
Published Date: 01/08/2013
No. of Tables: 18
No. of Figures: 22
No. of Pages: 58


Improving the efficiencies of the large number of older coal-fired power plants operating around the world would give major savings in CO2 emissions together with significant other benefits. This report begins with a summary of the ways efficiency can become degraded and of the means available to combat the decrease in performance. These include improvements to operating and maintenance practices and more major techniques that are available, including boiler and turbine retrofits. There is also an update on fuel drying developments as a route to higher efficiency in plants firing high moisture lignites. The largest chapter of the report contains a number of descriptions of case study improvement projects, to illustrate measures that have been applied, benefits that have been achieved and identify best practices, which are summarised. Major national and international upgrading programmes are described.

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